Model Train Stores

There are many places to buy model trains and associated materials. Most model train stores  and model railroad hobby shops sell the following items:

(1) model railroad/railway track

(2) model railway locomotives

(3) model train transformers

(4)  model train parts such as wheels, motors, and misc hardware

(5)  model train accessories such as signal systems, lights, buildings, etc.

(6)  model railroad supplies such as scenic materials

(7)  scale model trains such as complete sets, locomotives, freight and passenger cars

(8)  model train kits for freight and passenger cars and building kits

(9) model railroad wiring

(10) model railroad software

(11) model railroad magazines

(12) model power trains

(13) discount model trains

(14) model railroad construction books and advertisements for professionally built layouts

(15) electric model trains

(16) model railroad books

(17) model railroad videos

(18) dcc model railroad devices

(19) model train magazines

(20) model railroads layouts on exhibit

(21) Equipment from several model train manufacturers

(22) model railroad display cases

(23) model railroad tools and parts

(24)  model railroad dioramas

(25) model train sets

(26) ho scale model trains

(27) g scale model trains

(28) n gauge model trains

(29) o scale model trains