Model Railroad Plans

For the adult hobbyist, the development Model Train Layouts require quite a bit of planning, and a variety of skills from the fields of carpentry, model kit building, general electricity, wiring, painting, and lately the concept of digital control techniques just to name a few.

Prior to starting a detailed design, it is wise to gather as much information as possible. Purchasing some magazines such as Model Railroader Magazine, Railroad Model Craftsman, or Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine or reading railroad modeling books at the library will also be helpful. The Internet is also a very comprehensive source of valuable information.

Another source of information are model railroad shows which very often have more than one layout on display. One can acquire quite a bit of free advice from the dealers at the various tables about model trains and associated accessories. Most shows have the products in the room devided into the various scales such as O, HO, N, and G scales. Hence, you probably will even find all types of model trains, including the brass type.

After gathering the above initial information, it is time to utilize your imagination of overall Model Railroad layout design to include but not be limited to model train track layouts and associated scenery design.  Your design should also reflect an era in time, such as the pre or post steam era or the transition to diesel locomotives. The desired landscape such as farmland, mountain area, seaside, city, etc, must  integrate with applicable figurines, model buildings, and vehicles, etc.

Your layout should have a theme such as industrial manufacturing, mining, fishing or vacation areas. If the layout is large enough, several themes can be modeled.  Available space such as garage, spare room, shed or outdoor venue is the next consideration.  The next step is to pick the model train railroad scale.  But after that, it is time to generate a scale drawing of your planned track layout. This can be accomplished with pencil and paper or if you prefer you can use computer software, which can be downloaded, free of charge from the Atlas Model Railroad Company.