Model Train Software

For those of you that are computer literate, the ATLAS company offers some free model train software (Right Track Freeware). It is a layout planning program limited to PC users with  Windows only. The program allows the user to create a layout design which reflect the various track systems manufactured by ATLAS as well as switches (turnouts), turntables, buildings and electrical controls also manufactured by ATLAS.

The software also reflects items made by others such as Walther’s Cornerstone Series, railway Design associates, Design Preservation Models, Life-Like, Lionel and Atlas O, LLC.

Layout areas as large as 100 ft x 100 ft can be planned. The plan can be printed out along with an accompianing parts list to determine pricing estimates.

For those of you can afford more complex software cost-wise and  in terms of computer skills it is possible to purchase via the Internet, (RR-Track for Windows or VirtualPC or Parallels Workstation for Mac)  software.  The software is quite comprehensive because it contains many attributes that are very desirable to the model train layout designer such as:

RR-Track also contains the following:

Track Libraries (50 total) reflecting  the most popualar as well as unpopular model train railroad gauges in combination with all of the manufactures that make them.

Accessory Libraries (11 total) reflecting the most popular model train guages. Typical Accessories emulated by the software are buildings, lamps, bridges, etc.   It is also possible to draw your own items in-place as desired.

The program can supply two dimensional and three dimensional views of the planned layout, parts list, and ofcourse printouts. It is even possible to calculate slopes and display them.