Over the past decade the Model Railroad Hobby has changed drastically in the way that the train and it associated accessories operate.  The purpose of this section is to explain to the hobbyist some basic electronics theory that will be of interest, without inundating the reader with too much complexity.

It will begin with some basic theory followed by definitions of electrical variables followed by some detailed applications to the Model Train Hobby.  Specifically the theory and operation and application of the following components to Model Train Layouts are discussed: Diodes,Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s),Zener Diodes,  and sample Zener applications.

A discussion of Digital Command and Control (DCC) as well as Computer Control techniques are also included.

If you wish to acquire a better understanding of Electronics Theory, I suggest you highlight the underlined topic areas in the sequential order as listed below:

(1) Electrical Charge

(2) Electrical Voltage

(3) Ohms Law

(4) Definition of  Power

(5) AC Current

(6) Resistors in Series and in Parallel

(7) Kirchoff’s Laws

(8) Capacitor

(9) Capacitors in Series and Parallel Circuits

(10) Diodes

(11) Zener Diode

(12) Inductance

(13) Transformers

(14) Digital Command Control (DCC) for Model Trains

(15) DCC combined with Computer Control