Like most people I was introduced to model trains at a relatively young age of seven years old. It was set up every Christmas holiday on a 4 x 8 ft plywood board mounted on top of an old table. My older brother set it up for me each year. I had two Lionel O guage trainsets but could only run one at a time due to the simplicity of my layout. The layout was comprised of an inner and outer oval connected by turnouts or switches which allowed the train to run on either loop. I had little cardboard houses which were not to scale, a Lionel train station, two lampposts and one automatic gateman. Needless to say I was happy with this setup until I was a teenager. At that point in time I totally lost interest.
Later in life I became interested in electronics, acquired an Electronics Engineering degree and am now retired from that profession. After retirement , I renewed my interest in model trains, joined a local train club and have continuied my interest in electronics. Our club, located in Northeast Florida does not have many members, but the primary purpose of the club is to provide assistance to each other with any problems associated with our personal layouts. Most of the members ask for help when it comes to electronics. That is why I have deicated the Model Train Advisors website to the development of model train layouts combined with electronic tutorials for those who wish to learn more about the various electronic devices associated with this hobby.